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Are you a passionate blogger and an industry expert? Contact us today and we'd love to have you as one of our many contributors on board. Do not hesitate; there is always something on which to write!

We welcome the Health and Wellness related guest posts.

Guidelines Before publishing your content:

Please read our guidelines and follow them carefully to ensure that we are able to publish your post – there is plenty of information because we want our guest posts to reach readers and share via social media – this is important to maintain the credibility of our brand for quality and also to create yours!

Instructional – The material will include the implementation directions, including step-by-step guides, suggestions, recommendations, first person experience or learning.

Data-Driven – And post should have at least two related data points or statistics which provide market validation for the positioning of your content.

Length - At least 700 lines, but preferably 900 lines.

Should be Original - Material released elsewhere is not acknowledged.

Writing Criteria - We only publish high quality writing that meets our quality requirements.

Reported Material – We do not consider material that quotes or references sources from third parties or that is information that is "published." We consider only content providing expert advice whose by-line is on the post.

Editing and Publishing:
As editors, we reserve the right to edit your material to the audience of the, or to return your pieces for revisions to suit our audience better. Reports will be reviewed, in most cases, within 48 hours.

Social Sharing and Engagement:
We strongly encourage you to share content on your social media, and connect with those who share your content and communicate with it. This not only helps your brand gain more exposure but it also increases views on your content.

Send to us:

your article in a word document (please do proofreading before sending the content)
your BIO (with link to your website and social media)
your headshot (for BIO)

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Please include links to images from which we can download them. The photos will come from sources free from copyright, such as:
or other free copyright websites

Note: Our Content Publishing Service is our paid service. We take a little money from publisher for publish the content on . Send Us your content on mail id to publish your content on our website. We will review your content within 5 days. Once it is accepted, it will be published.

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