Tips for Make Up and Skin Care

'Make up and skin care' is usually considered the forte of women. People seldom engage in 'treatment for skin and make-up.' Most people care for their skin but making up is very foreign to the majority of men. It wouldn't make sense to view make up and skin care as separate topics; after all, makeup can only work if the skin is healthy. And how do you do skin care and make-up together? Here are few hints on skin care and makeup:

* Always keep in mind skin care, whether you buy make-up items or add them to your skin after you purchase them. And what you're buying is a product for 'make up and skin care,' not just a product for hair. Check the products to see if they contain anything you might be allergic to. Test even if it contains chemicals of high concentration that can harm your skin.

* 'Make up and skin care' also applies to checking the items before they are used. So, apply the make-up on a tiny skin spot, e.g. earlobes, and see how the skin responds to it.

* Keep track of your make up items expiry date and never use them past the expiry date. In addition, certain products (e.g. products dependent on vitamin C) can get spoiled much earlier than the expiry date if not stored properly.

* Cleanliness is an essential aspect of the skin care and make up process. Regularly sharpen your eye-liners and keep all your makeup accessories clean at all times. Every month, you could set a date for the overhaul of your equipment. Your make-up and skin care routine will also include keeping your hair clean at all times, as part of cleanliness.

* Nail care is a further critical component of skin care and make-up. Using good quality nail polish and keep the nails still clean. After the washing and polishing of your nails is finished, you can rub in cuticle oil at the nail edges.

* You should use a liquid eye liner instead of a pencil one, if you have deep-set eyes. This will keep the eye-lid from smudging at the deep edges.

* You should not wear heavy or chemical-based make-up if you have a skin condition, for example acne. If you are not sure about the make-up items you should use if you have acne or other skin disease, consult your dermatologist! Never try to pinch the acne / pimples. Mind that neither make-up nor skin care can interfere with one another.

* Use a mild make up remover (instead of simply wiping away).

* Another significant 'make up and skin care' technique is the following golden rule: "Never sleep with your makeup on" * When applying a deodorant, make sure that the correct gap between the nozzle and your skin is preserved (as indicated in the deodorant pack).

And, both making up and skin care should go hand in hand. Don't want to treat the skin care and make-up differently.

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