Prevention And Reduction Of Dark Spots On The Skin

Dark spots on the skin also known as brown spots are one of the most common symptoms of aging. Such unsightly spots, for the most part, are hard to hide without a heavy makeup. However, there are some treatments that can help alleviate these dark spots that age the skin, and are also unattractive.

Since dark spots can vary in severity by patient, a number of treatments are available that will be successful for some but not for others.

Some Easy Ways to Reduce Dark Spot Happenings:

One of the main reasons for dark spots is sun exposure and ultraviolet light rays, so minimizing your exposure with regular use of sunscreen, sun lenses, hats and other protective measures is essential.

Home Therapies- there are a lot of home remedies that have been used over the years and passed down for generations worth a try:

Aloe Vera- This is a well-known soothing remedy that will may the dark spots for at least a month with daily application twice a day. It should be left on for about 45 minutes before washing away.

Milk - The milk contains lactic acid which will help to improve the texture of the skin and to lighten the skin so that it should be applied directly to the spots and left on for a few minutes before washing.

Lemon Juice - This is a centuries-old cure that will take a long time to reduce the spots. It should be applied twice a day, but only those with fair skin can use it, as it may cause irregular skin tones in others.

Vitamin E - It's a well-known antioxidant that not only reduces the dark spots but also revitalizes the skin. Many skin cares or supplements, as well as egg yolks, sunflower seeds or other foods can be found in it.

Extrapone Nutgrass - This is a common ingredient used in lotions.

Face Whitening creams and Bleachers - These are skin creams that can be found across the counter but use caution, as some may contain harmful mercury.

Laser Treatments - This is the costly alternative that is typically successful, as well as being convenient and easy to act. Improvements have made this a pain-free option which will usually forever rid you of the dark spots.

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