How search the Right Yoga teacher?

I am often asked by beginners about how to evaluate a Yoga Teacher?

The following is the “CALM check list.” These factors are basic criteria that your Yoga Instructor should meet before you continue on to a second Yoga class.

CALM gets the name from four key factors: Contact, Assist, Listen, and Change. For the right Yoga instructor, you will be answering with a “yes” to all questions.

• Communication: Does your Yoga instructor communicate to you and to other students in a way that values one another? Would you like to ask a question during class?

Does your teacher have compassion for you and other learners? Does your teacher of Yoga take the time to guide you through a meditation or relaxation? Meditation and relaxation are essential aspects of the practice of Yoga.

There are teachers of Yoga who simply want "their workout" done. Beware of the teachers of Yoga who are so important they have no time for you.

Some students love the feeling of dominance and some people love violence unfortunately. If you want to learn Yoga, you need to have an open communication line with your instructor.

• Aid: Will your instructor take care of the form? Does your teacher provide you with verbal or physical assistance during your Yoga class? Are your Yoga classes helped by props?

Some students never have big alignment issues and some do, but if your instructor doesn't give verbal warnings what does that tell you?

• Hear: Is your Yoga teacher taking the time to listen to your feedback? Is the instructor being with the class "in the moment?"

There is a Yoga teacher running once in a while, "The-it's-all-about-me-show." You 're not going to learn much from this style of teaching. Beginners would be put at risk, attempting to keep up with a professional instructor of yoga who has little to say.

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• Modification: Is your Yoga instructor allowing modifications and props? If your teacher is rejecting props, you're in the wrong place.

Some students will need lifetime props, depending on their motion range. Even because a instructor has no props to do a pose, doesn't mean any student should.

Summary: Stay away from abusive Yoga teachers and there is always professional help if you are attracted to abuse. Some students yearn for styles of "the strict, but caring parent." They're going to drive you harder but how far you really need to drive?

Respect is a two-way street and you deserve the same respect as your instructor of yoga does. Let common sense be your guide. After a Yoga class you will feel fine and after a hard practice you can also experience muscle soreness days after.

Until making an undertaking make sure your Yoga instructor follows the above requirements.

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