How do Serious Skin Care?

'Serious skin care' includes preserving a healthy, radiant skin throughout your entire life. As you grow older, the normal mechanisms of skin care in your body become weaker. Therefore, 'serious skin care' is about listening to your skin's changing needs. 'Serious skin care' is therefore about assessing, examining and continuously adjusting the skin care routines. Your skin care routine will vary depending on the circumstances of the environment, your age and skin type changes.

'Serious skin care' also relates to sensitivity. Every day more and more details are being brought to light with the technical advances and research. The structure and design of skin care items, too, tends to change over time. But playing with the new ingredients is also part of serious skin care. Nonetheless, first applying a new product on a small patch of skin (not facial skin) is recommended by 'extreme skin care,' just to see how the skin responds.

'Serious skin care' also means understanding how to use the ingredients for your skin care. Good practices include issues like applying moisturizers when the skin is wet, using outward strokes to properly penetrate skin care items, removing the make-up before bedtime, brushing before moisturizing or adding make-up, using the right amount of skin care products, etc. Increasing the effectiveness of the skin care items is yet another focus point of serious skin care.

Such measures, such as avoiding contact with detergents, often form part of serious skin care. 'Serious skin care' means to be soft on the skin. Stuff like over-exfoliation, the use of low-quality materials and the use of materials based on strong chemicals are all harmful to your skin. Some people have a misunderstanding about taking serious skin care. Serious skin care is to them-use as much as possible huge amounts of items. This is not really serious skin care though (and that is why knowledge is so important).

'Serious skin care' also centers around visiting the dermatologist to treat skin conditions. It can be dangerous for your skin to neglect the skin disorders which may lead to irreversible damage. And, if the stuff over the counter medicine don't help, you can see a dermatologist immediately. Self-surgery e.g., acne / pimple squeezing is a major no (it can cause permanent skin damage).

So, seriously serious skin care is more about precautions and preventive measures (than treatment). Serious skin care is about being proactive as well as reactive. In fact, we can say that ‘serious skin care’ is about being proactive about the needs of your skin so that the need for being reactive is reduced to a minimum.

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