Best Diets For Natural And Permanent Weight Loss

There are several diets established over the course of the years. But you can wonder, what are the best safe and permanent weight loss diets? These are those that require restriction of certain food types, such as keto and paleo diets, and others that involve feeding only at certain hours, such as the intermittent fast. There are also others who recommend eating less meals a day like the one meal a day.

However, I feel the most balanced and the Mediterranean Diet is one that requires the least adjustment. You usually eat virtually the same items without having to restrict much.

Mediterranean Diet:

Indeed, the Mediterranean diet is derived from the lifestyle of people living along the Mediterranean coast, including Southern Italy and Greece.

1. Legumes & Pulses Proteins:

This diet calls for substantial quantities of legumes, lentils, and broad beans to be eaten, supplying plants with much needed protein. Studies have shown that doing so would dramatically reduce weight.

2. Fishes & Meat Proteins:

The Mediterranean people love to share fresh sardines and anchovy grilled with lemon sauce and drizzled with it. Which produced plenty of fatty acid protein and omega 3. Since we might not be able to easily get hold of fresh sardines and anchovy, an alternative may be grilled salmon and the dried anchovy edition. Throughout Asia, dried anchovy is widely used in soups, chinese stir fries, or deep dried lime and chili paste drizzled with.

This diet includes only modest non-fish meat intake, supplemented by regular items consisting mainly of cheese and yogurt.

3. Vegetables:

A vegetable diet consisting of tubers such as radishes, turnips, and carrots, lush leafy greens such as lettuce, and root vegetables such as potatoes , tomatoes, and aubergines. This was all balanced by a dose of nuts and seeds.

They take plenty of tomatoes and aubergines. Tomatoes are perfect for weight loss, though inflammation, water retention and leptin resistance are known to decrease. Leptin is the protein that signals when we are complete to our brain, thereby stopping us from overeating too much.

From eggplants you can get plenty of fibre. It will satiate you for longer, reducing your hunger pangs, thus reducing your consumption of food.

4. Carbohydrates:

The consumption of carbohydrates is primarily from flour, pita bread and pasta, or barley. Although white and wholemeal pita bread is identical to any other white or wholemeal bread, the barley bread with a super-low glycemic index of just 34 is outstanding.

As for pasta, it is called for by the Mediterranean diet to be a side, rather than the main dish. Usually only 1- 1.5 cups of pasta are consumed, together with other foods such as fish, vegetables and meat.

5. Fruits:

Among the different fruits which the Mediterranean people eat, 2 stand out for our efforts to lose weight. Peaches and Cherries.

Peaches are perfect for losing weight, as they contain flavanoids such as catechins that improve metabolism. In addition, they are low in calories, and high in fiber.

On the other hand, cherries contain a hormone called melatonin which also boosts our metabolism. It is also thought to be one of the fruits which boosts most energy. This also gives us the much-needed energy while consuming less and therefore reduces our weight.

Sleep Patterns Boost:

Numerous studies have shown that having the right sleep schedule will help us significantly burn away those unnecessary stubborn visceral belly fat. What makes a healthy sleep pattern then.

Ideally we need to sleep 7 hours. Not only that, we need to have slow wave sleep, what is widely known as deep sleep. Unlike REM sleep this is. Although we appear to be resting in REM sleep, our mind remains highly active, giving the body little respite as the muscles are paralyzed and breathing and heart rate is erratic.

Burn your Belly Fats While you sleep:

Therefore, to effectively burn your belly fat and lose weight while you're sleeping, you 'd need to be in deep sleep by 10 pm and preferably require 7 hours of sleep a day.

So how do I get into deep sleep mode, you may ask. Especially as we age, getting into deep sleep mode is getting more and more difficult for us. That's one of the main reasons why we find our metabolism dropping as we age, and more difficult to lose weight permanently.

Best diets for natural & permanent weight loss:

My personal favorite is the Mediterranean diet, combined with the ideal pattern of sleep. I personally guaranteed that it would be the best diet for natural and permanent weight loss.

To list the points, what I would recommend is:

Ideal mood for sleep;
Eat more pulses and legumes;
Eat more grilled salmon, if anchovy and fresh sardines are not available;
Moderate meat consumption, leaning more towards skinless chicken breast and less red meat;
Higher vegetable consumption, in particular tomatoes and aubergines;
Low use of the bread and pasta carbohydrates;
Using more peaches and cherries than other fruits;
There you got it. You 'd be on the way to a normal and sustainable weight loss if you pursue that faithfully.

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