Antioxidant Vitamin

Sixty-five years have passed since the discovery of the antioxidant vitamin, otherwise known as vitamin C, and since then it has come to be known as a "wonder worker." This antioxidant vitamin plays a part in the creation of collage and other life-sustaining functions. It also acts as a crucial nutrient for the immune system, as well as a potent free-radical fighter. Antioxidant vitamins were believed to avoid many diseases, from everyday illnesses like common cold to crippling diseases like cancer.

The antioxidant vitamin is known as ascorbic acid in the scientific world. This is water-soluble, and its name means "without scurvy," the scurvy being a disease caused by this antioxidant vitamin deficiency. Many aspects of our biochemical research very much rely on ascorbic acid. The only thing is that human beings are one of the handful of animal species that can not produce their own supply of antioxidant vitamin C. Therefore, like other species, including primates and guinea pigs, we have no choice but to get our vitamins from our diet.

Why does vitamin antioxidant function inside the body?

That is perhaps the question you are wondering right now. Yeah, vitamin which is antioxidant is healthy for the body. Yeah, you will come across plenty of them from your own diet. But how exactly does it work?

Much like the immune system itself, which functions at a cellular level, the hard-working antioxidant vitamin C enters every cell in the organism. Their concentration is very high in blood serum and also in tissues. This antioxidant vitamin actually plays a major role in the development and protection of our connective tissue, which is the intricate structure that keeps the body together.

The antioxidant vitamin C helps some of our most important body systems. For instance, this antioxidant vitamin helps the immune system fight off foreign invaders and tumor cells. It also helps the cardiovascular system through the facilitation of fat metabolism and the defense of tissues from damage due to free radicals. It also assists the nervous system by converting other amino acids into neurotransmitters.

Antioxidant vitamins are essential collagen components that can be found in the skin, teeth, and bones. They contain invader-resistant properties, helping you maintain healthy and strong bones, teeth and skin. The antioxidant vitamin C also acts as a kind of natural aspirin. It helps relieve pain by battling inflammation due to headaches or the like. Antioxidant vitamin C performs this function by inhibiting protaglandin secretion which contributes to such symptoms.

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