Antioxidant Juice

They're found mainly in fresh fruits and vegetables. For decades we have been consuming them and it is only now that scientists are starting to discover just what makes them good for the body.

Antioxidants. What is it, exactly?

The word we are familiar with is. We hear them discussed all the time when a new research study is published in the American Health Journal, or anything like that describing how berries antioxidant juice can aid in liver function, or how red wine antioxidant juice is the scientific explanation behind the French paradox.

It would seem that antioxidants have much more advantages than we know.

A new study shows that antioxidant juice from pomegranate fruits can aid in combating artery hardening. Researchers also found that the antioxidant juice does so by reducing the damage caused by free radicals to the blood vessels.

Free Radicals:

Now, I am sure that you know what are free radicals. This is certainly not the first experience of it. Yet free radicals are those unstable chemical compounds that are highly reactive and are by-products of the oxidation process in the body, for the sake of those who have just stumbled upon the term. At a minimum, free radicals can be good for the body because their purpose is to steal electrons from other molecules' atoms, but only if the molecule from which they steal the electrons are first and foremost foreign molecules. If they are good molecules, well all together, that's a different story.

Once free radicals begin stealing electrons from healthy cells, the process causes the body to experience several disorders. The cells grow weak until finally they are killed. Hence, the contributing factor of free radicals is also linked to illnesses such as cardiovascular disease, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, senility and cancer.

Effects of Antioxidant Juice:

The body's only way to protect itself from free radicals is through antioxidants. Unfortunately humans are one of the few species of animals that do not contain their own antioxidants. For this reason we rely so heavily on our diet for our antioxidant supply.

Researchers have shown in the pomegranate antioxidant juice analysis that the drug can effectively reverse atherosclerosis development or artery hardening. Atherosclerosis causes blood flow to decline and may lead to heart attacks or strokes.

The tests showed that pomegranate-based antioxidant juice minimized the effects of stress on human blood vessel cells by increasing nitric oxide production. This chemicals are thought to help keep arteries open and sustain blood flow.

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