Things to Do at Home In Coronavirus Quarantine Days

Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, the lockout has made us live indoors and we are all looking for fun things to do at home. So, we don't want you to get irritated or start scratching your head out of frustration now that we're in the same boat. And here's a list of things you should do at home during quarantine days of coronavirus.

1. Songs:

Remember to spend too many hours making a new playlist every time? Okay, making even more feel-good playlists might be a perfect idea right now. So, by sharing your playlists with them, discover, curate, listen and give some love to your loved ones!

2. Days of Childhood:

So great were those summer days spent watching your favorite shows on TV!

Can you know what? Finally, those are gone! The two great mythological shows- Ramayana and Mahabharata are back again to diminish our boredom and let us enjoy some time with our families. Perhaps by this you will continue your day out of a variety of things to do at home.

3. Singing / Dancing:

When you begin to practice your favorite dance or song, the quarantine does not feel too much like an idle time. So get those anklet bells or your favorite guitar dirt-free and start practicing again.

And how do you catch it on your camera and screen it online? Not a bad idea, ok? Go on for it then!

4. Delicious Recipes:

The shutdown will last for quite an unknown period of time and here's a few more fun things to do at home. So, say hello to some of your Mom's exclusive recettes. Cook in the kitchen with whatever you have and know all the secret cooking recipes and techniques that your mom used.

So if it turns out to be delicious, post a snap instead. You should still post a snap of your hard work, even if it is not.

5. Old Photographs Albums:

It's about time you enjoyed a few of your old pictures. Step into your photo gallery and come up with some of your odd or nostalgic images. Let it see your friends, or just tell them the story behind it!

6. Exercise at Home:

If this lockout prevents you from keeping fit, think again. An early morning workout with your favorite music at home will encourage you to stay fit and kill the time as well. Say no to excuses and continue the safe timetable.

7. Maintain your thoughts dairy:

Let all those thoughts run through your mind for a while now, take some spot on your diary or journal. You could only write about your quarantine days or a blog about a topic of your interest. Write down your thinking just for the most minute, but please don't let the days slip idly.

8. Complete Half read books:

Are those half-read or pending books making you nervous for some time now? Now you have all the time. Start reading those one by one and during this quarantine make yourself accomplish that.

Now that you have so much to do at home, we hope your days will be packed with exciting time to do your favorite things.

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