Corona virus

The corona virus is a disease from China.

The first case occurred in the  November in China.

The problem that exists in the world right now is China.

The world is paying the price for China's lies

Chinese officials hide the Corona virus until December.

The voice of Dr. Li Wenliang, the first warner, was suppressed by China.

Dr. Li Wenliang was killed by this virus.

in between the 17th November  to 15 th  December daily new 5 to 8 cases of corona virus was found.

on 16 th  December the new 27 cases was found in china.

on 27th  December the  new 180 case of corona virus was found in china after that this disease was spread in whole china.

china's two tourist was gone in italy after that those two tourist was infected with corona virus and after that corona virus rapidly  spread in whole italy.

after that italy become the second wuhan corona virus city.

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