How To Get Fit And Slash Your Health Insurance Costs"

All right, let me clarify the purpose of this article before we start. I want you to become so happy, you'll never have to make a claim for health insurance. Improved health will save you money. With a long history of no-claims insurance, you will be saving money. And you are going to look much better and feel much better.

There are three aspects to your full fitness and health. Eating, and exercise. But this is just two of them! Let me split exercise into exercise on aerobics and exercise on aerobics.

Get all three OK. Win the right balance. And you'll get as healthy and fit as your body and genetics require.

Whole paper forests were packed with advice concerning each of these health factors. Just go to the local bookshop and see diet advice shelves. Shelves of advice on fitness.

Funny how much contradicts itself, particularly for e.g. diet right next to each other on the shelf, you can find a book promoting low carbs and low fat; another claiming high fat is all right if you keep low carbs. And yet another focuses on high protein, saying that carbs don't matter ...

1. Diet

Let me send you that simple advice about the food. Adhere to low fat, low carbs, high protein. That method is proven by many scientific and weight-loss trials over the past 10-20 years. Many other diet misconceptions come from a long way back in time, and when tested using modern methods just look plain wrong.

2. Aerobic Fitness:

Couch potatoes don't understand how easily they can start to feel fit and healthy. Just walk 3-4 times a week somewhere, for about 20 minutes each time.

Ideally do some more intense fitness aerobics. I do a lot of cycling, because it's a great exercise with a low impact. And while I ride I get to see beautiful scenery.

Running provides even more aerobic exercise, but watchful for your joints. Maybe you prefer to walk, see the countryside of the area? Or take on a sport like tennis or rowing. By taking exercise as a sport you also get to meet new friends.

3. Anaerobic Fitness:

Most people are working for their food. Most people do exercise aerobic. But many people ignore exercise anaerobic, or weight training.

What makes training in weight so important?

As you age, muscle mass diminishes. Muscle is burning fat. So keeping the fat off becomes more difficult as you lose muscle. Equally important, you can reshape your body with weight training.

No matter how much aerobic exercise you do, if you start a pear shape you will still be a pear shape (a smaller pear shape).

You can flatten your stomach using weights, tone your thighs, bulk up your chest and shoulders and reshape your body whatever you want.

Weight training is incredibly beneficial for strength and conditioning of your overall skeleton. The effects of osteoporosis may be reduced by older women, and older men can maintain their strength and agility.

This short article can only give you an introduction to the three key to your wellbeing. Achieve these and you should not be making a claim for health insurance.

Slash the cost of your health insurance with a lengthy no claim bonus. Slash the cost of your health insurance with any insurer that rate your fitness.

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