A Guide of Sexual Health and Aging

Aging also leads to a lack of sexual desire and activity among older people. This lack of intimacy in any relationship can cause severe strain, and may cause partners to lose interest in each other. Through offering information and tips on how older people can still have a fulfilling sex life despite their age, this article encourages better sexual health during the aging. Scenes that are sexual in nature always show young and smooth-skinned people "getting it on" in most films and television shows. But age is not an excuse to let your sex life slide. 

Intimacy with your partner is an integral part of any relationship, whether you're in the 20s or 50s. Sex also encourages better sexual wellbeing apart from improving your intimate relationship with your partner- a must regardless of your age. Below are some tips for aging gracefully, sexually: 

1. Accept your body changes, and try to improve.: Don't be switched off on your forearms or protruding belly by the sagging skin. Rather, welcome those changes but do your part to minimize them. Keep a skin care routine that is specific to age, an exercise or fitness regimen, a healthy diet, and fashion style.

Confidence is a prime sexual booster and part of it is to look good and to be healthy. Nevertheless, accept that you may not fit in the jeans you wore when you were twenty or sport the abs you had back in your college days. Just try and be healthy and feel good about your own skin.

2. Take note and communicate on changing sexual needs of your partner and yourself: At 20, the moment your partner walks through the door, you may feel up and running. Yet age has an impact on your sexual responses and your partner's. Aging may make your body feel excited or orgasm needs further stimulation. Likewise, your partner may experience the same needs like longer stimulation to get into the mood, because he or she is of the same age range. Understanding through clicks to express your sexual needs to each other is necessary for your body and your partner.

3. Expand the definition of sexual intercourse: Actual intercourse can be very tiring particularly if you have sore joints. Understand that intercourse is just one way you can achieve sexual intimacy with your partner, not the only way. For both partners, intimate kissing, touching, massaging and other forms of sexual interaction can often be sufficiently satisfying. 

4. Veer from routine: If you and your wife have had sex in the last 10 years of your relationship after a long day at work, you might want to consider morning sex as an option. A quick change in routine will revive your sex life and start making things fun again. Instead, try setting the mood with a romantic dinner and some music rather than jumping onto the sack immediately

5. Consult your Physician: Occasionally, the changes your body is going through may be too severe to impair your sexual performance. The way your body responds to sexual stimulation can be affected by surgeries, chronic diseases and medication. Talk to your doctor about possible side effects on your sexual drive and response from the medications you are taking. Likewise, a lengthy discussion about chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, heart problems, and their effects on your sex life is also about ensuring your health is safe when you do the deed. Instead, you may ask your doctor for a prescription of medications to help boost your sexual vigor and libido.

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