3 Successful Simple Dieting Tips

1. Drink 8-10 glasses of water every day Okay, this is a big problem for many people. Water generally doesn't taste that great because water doesn't really "taste" like anything. Drinking water 8-10 times a day makes it easier the more you actually do it. It's just a matter of conditioning your taste buds, and making it easier for you to do that. Once you get started, you'll start wanting water. First of all, you should drink a glass of water in the morning, before you eat. This is probably the easiest glass you're going to drink all day, and will help you remember to drink water all day. Better still, why don't you drink two glasses? Try using a water purifying pitcher or filter, if you can't really bear the taste of water. You can also apply to your water a few drops of lemon or lime-but no sugar or sweetener! Ice helps too. Check out the market for flavored waters too. Simply keep an eye out for adds.

2. Eat breakfast Do not skip breakfast. If you need to go to bed a little earlier so you can get up twenty minutes earlier each morning – do it! Breakfast is so vital for your good health and weight control, "Your metabolism slows while you're sleeping, and it doesn't revolve until you're eating again." Eating breakfast isn't just good for weight loss overall, it will help you stay on track with your diet for the rest of the day. You are more likely to binge on something sweet and in the “bread” group if you skip breakfast. You can always keep a couple of hard-boiled eggs in the fridge or some high-fiber, low starch fruit around. If you plan to eat fruit at all during the day, breakfast is the perfect time to do it. If you skip breakfast, you're more likely to binge at something sweet and in the "bread" group. Hard-boiled eggs can always be kept in the fridge or some high-fiber, low-starch fruit around. If you're planning on eating fruit all day, breakfast is the perfect time to do it.

3. Eat at least 3 meals and snacks every day This can be one of the hardest to make adjustments. You are busy, after all! You have a "full-plate" When do you have time to worry about more frequent meals filling up your plate? Just as eating breakfast will increase your metabolism, so is eating more frequently. This will also help you reduce your bad-carb intake by making sure your meals are planned and take place on a regular basis throughout the day. Really, it'll take just a minimal investment of planning time at the grocery store and at home every morning before you head out for the day to make some healthy food choices and prepare some healthy snacks and meals.

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